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Scientific Staff

 Hadas Motro   הדס מוטרו
PhD student, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Quality Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her scientific interests are the temporal and geographical changes in the Equid family, especially among the Crusader horses in the Levant.


Scientific Publications:
Motro H., R. Rabinovich and R. Ellenblum. 2005. Horse and mules skeletons in a Crusader battlefield: What can be learnt from them? In Ackermann, O., Faust, A. and Maeir, A. (eds) Archaeology and Environment, Bar Ilan

Motro H., R. Ellenblum and R. Rabinovich. (in prep.). Equids skeletons from the Frankish Castle of Vadum Iacob: comparisons between methods of identifications.

Motro H., R. Rabinovich and R. Ellenblum. (in prep.). Archaeozoological Evidence of a Massacre: Equid Skeletons from the Frankish Castle of Vadum Iacob.
The Hebrew University of JerusalemThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem