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Scientific Staff

 Kate S. Raphael   קטי רפאל

PhD student, Department of Middle Eastern Studies in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her scientific interests are Crusader and Islamic medieval archaeology, military architecture and warfar.


Scientific Publications:
Kate Raphael "Crusader Arms and Armour" in Knights of the Holy Land : the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem  Ed. S. Rozenberg. (Jerusalem, 1999),149-159.

Kate Raphael & Yotam Tepper, "The Archaeological Evidence from the Mamluk Siege of Arsuf ", in Mamluk Studies Review. vol. IX (1) 2005, 85-100.

Kate Raphael, "A Thousand Arrowheads from The Crusader Fortress in Vadum Jacob." Forthcoming in a collection of essays in honor of Professor Adam Zartal, Haifa University. 

Kate Raphael, "The al-Mans?r?'s Mangonel Stone Balls: Some New Evidence from the Mamluk Siege of ‘Akko (1291)." Forthcoming in the final publication of the medieval excavations at Akko.

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