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Scientific Staff

 Piers Mitchell
An orthopaedic surgeon and also an osteoarchaeologist. He teaches palaeopathology to the medical students at Imperial College London. His research interests centre on disease in the crusades to the medieval eastern Mediterranean (12th-13th centuries). His current projects in Vadum Iacob include an analysis of the weapon injuries to be found in the slaughtered garrison of the castle.


Scientific Publications:

Mitchell PD. (2006) Trauma in the Crusader period city of Caesarea: A major port in the medieval eastern Mediterranean INT J OSTEOARCHAEOL. 16: 493-505

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Mitchell PD. (2003) Pre-Columbian treponemal disease from 14th century AD Safed, Israel, and implications for the medieval eastern Mediterranean. Am J Phys Anthropol. 121: 117-124
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Chapters in books
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