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Scientific Staff

Robert Kool   רוברט קול
Since 1992 employed as a senior Curator at the Coin Department, Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), responsible for the identification, registration and publication of coins found in excavations in Israel. Research interests: Medieval Muslim and Crusader coinages; economic and monetary developments in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, Mamluk and Ottoman periods.



Scientific Publications:
2007. "Coin circulation in the villeneuves of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Cases of Parva Mahumeria and Bethgibelin" in:  P. Edbury and S. Kalopissi-Verti (eds), Archaeology and the Crusades, Athens: Pierides Foundation. Pp.91-112

2006. A Thirteenth Century Hoard of Gold Florins from the Medieval Harbour of Acre. Numismatic Chronicle 2006: Pp. 301-320 and plates 57-61.

2006.  'From the Horse’s Mouth: Re-Dating the Anonymous TVRRIS DAVIT  Issue.' Israel Numismatic Research, 1: Pp. 151– 156.

2006. The Circulation of Dutch Leeuwendaalders in 17th century Ottoman Palestine: New Evidence from Two Unpublished Hoards Jaarboek voor Munt- en Penningkunde. Volume 89 (2002) : Pp. 47 – 68.

2002. ‘Coins at Vadum Jacob: New Evidence on the Circulation of Money in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem during the second half of the 12th century.’ CRUSADES  Volume 1: Pp.73-88.

2000-2. ‘The Rediscovery of G.F. Hill’s Original Plates of  BMC Palestine and PhoeniciaIn Jerusalem.’ Israel Numismatic Journal : Pp. 260-263.

2001 . ‘The Crusader Mint of Vadum Jacob: New Implications for the Minting of Coins in the Latin Kingdom during the second half of the 12th century.’ I LUOGHI DELLA MONETA Le sedi delle zecche dall’antichita all’eta moderna Convegno internazionale, Milano - Universita degli Studi - 22/23  ottobre 1999, Pp.329-333.

2000. ‘A Thirteenth-Century Bronze Seal Matrix’ In  Y. Hirshfeld (ed.)The Ramat Hanadiv Excavations Final Report of the 1984-1998 Seasons. Israel Exploration Society. Jerusalem, Chapter 19. Pp.543-546.

1999. Coins From The Excavations Of ‘Atlit (Pilgrims’ Castle and Its Faubourg‘Atiqot 37: Pp.89-164

1999. A Fatimid Amulet and European Coins From the 11th Century. Amercian Journal of Numismatics : Pp.47-68.

1997. The Khirbet Shatta Hoard: European and Latin Coins and Islamic Jewellery from the late thirtheenth century, in N. Mayhew (ed.), The Gros Tournois: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Oxford Symposium on Coinage and Monetary History (Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication), Oxford. Pp.257-278.

1995. Crusader Period Finds from the Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem, `Atiqot 26 (ES): Pp. 87-104.

Articles forthcoming:
2006-7. 'A Deposit of 12th Century Medieval Seals at Caesarea: Evidence of the Cathedral Archive of St Peter.' In Laudem Hierosolymitani: Studies in Crusades and Medieval Culture in Honour of Benjamin Z. Kedar, edited by Iris Shagrir, Ronnie Ellenblum and Jonathan Riley-Smith, Ashgate.

Publications on subjects not directly related to coinage:
1997. The Genoese Quarter in 13th Century Acre:  A Re-interpretation of its Layout `Atiqot 31 (ES,): 187-200.

Exhibition catalogues:
2005. 'Die Munzen des Hortfundes Tiberias' in: Saladin und die Kreuzfaher (Hgbr. A Wieczorek, M Fansa, and H. Meller)  Ausstellung Katalog 21 Oktober- 5 November 2006, pp.310-312.

2000. ‘Coins in the Frankish East (1099-1291)’ M. Picherillo, S. Folda, M Arslan (eds.) In Terra Santa: Dalla Crociata alla Custodia dei Luoghi Santi Catalogo e mostra. Milano, Palazzo Reale febbraio-guigno 2000. Milan. Pp.231-235; 241-243.

1999. ‘Coins and Currencies in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: 1099-1291.’ In S. Rozenberg (ed.) Knights of the Holy Land. Exhibition Catalogue of the Israel Museum. Jerusalem. Pp.272-279.

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