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Scientific Staff

 Ronnie Ellenblum   רוני אלנבלום
Head of Vadum Iacob Research Project which he initiated already in 1993.
Associate Professor in Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Head of the  School of History. Scientific interests: Medieval Gegoraphies and the historical geography of the Crusades.  and especially the Frankish rural and fortified settlement in the Levant. Secondary interests are the study of medieval construction methods and the concepts of frontiers and borders in the middle ages.
As a former geology student he participated together with Prof. Amotz Agnon of the Hebrew University,   Dr. Marco of Tel Aviv university [formerly the Geological Survey] and Tom Rockwell of San Diego State University in the interpretation of the earthquakes in Vadum Iacob.


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Ellenblum, R., 2006, Crusader Castles and Modern Histories, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 362 pages.

Relevant Articles
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